About us

About Us

Edmonton Freestyle Ski Club(EFSC) is a non Profit Ski club that coaches the next generation of Competitive and recreational freestyle skiers in the Edmonton Area.

EFSC offers a safe progressive environment for athletes to train and excel in while maintaining a fun and positive environment. Athletes will learn all technical aspects of skiing with the focus being on slopestyle, moguls and all mountain skiing.

You can find our athletes and coaches skiing at Sunridge Ski resort in Edmonton, Alberta  throughout the ski season and training year round anywhere from Whistler to Quebec for camps, ski events and dryland training.


Mogul Skiing is one of the greatest challenges a skier can face and most commonly watch during the Winter Olympics.  Athletes  negotiate a course comprised of a series of bumps or moguls with a jump table in middle and then continue down the course. Most club competitions will follow aussie rules moguls while provincial athletes will be judged based on standard mogul regulations(Time, Jumps and turns) 

EFSC mogul training is geared for all levels, from recreational skiers looking to boost their skills and confidence to aspiring competitors.

The incredible skill, athleticism and courage of  top mogul skiers makes it look easy, as they race straight down the fall line at lightning speeds. Athletes can compete as singles or the always exciting duals.


Slopestyle is an always exciting sport in which athletes ski a course that includes a variety of rails, jumps and other park features. Slopestyle is one of the most accessible snow sports, as virtually every ski resort has a terrain park where recreational and aspiring athletes can learn to jump, slide and jib. On the world stage slopestyle is most commonly watched during the Winter olympics, X-Games and Dew Tour.

You will see both recreational and competitive slopestyle athletes perform spins, grinds, grabs and flips which in competition are scored for amplitude, originality, quality of tricks and style. Most parents will not understand what their child is saying when describing tricks they can or want to perform.

All Mountain


Whether attending one of the clubs fun spring/fall camps in the mountains or on a family trip in search of POW, athletes will build a fundamental base that will allow them to confidently navigate the variety of terrains that can be found on most all mountains. They will learn skills that promote activity and they will be able to use well into their adult lives.


EFSC offers a variety of options for year round training and conditioning:

  • Water Ramps (Red Deer and Grand Prairie)
  • Air Bag Training (Evolution Freestyle)
  • Trampoline training
  • Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Summer Camp on Snow - Whister
  • Maximise Fall Camp