Board Members and Roles

Edmonton Freestyle Ski Club is a non profit board that is managed by a group of parent volunteers. The Board consists of the following:


Current President: Troy Solomon

The President is responsible for overall administration of Edmonton Freestyle Ski Club (EFSC), management of coaches and liaison with the Alberta Freestyle Ski Association (AFSA).


Current Vice President: Mike Plemmel

In the absence of the President, the Vice-President will assume the responsibilities of the President. In addition, the Vice-President has responsibility for marketing EFSC and to be the contact for the fundraising co-ordinator.

Past President

Current Past President: N/A

The role of the Past President is to help maintain continuity between the previous and present Board and to provide advice and historical perspective to the Board.


Current Treasurer: Mike Mitchel

The Treasurer is responsible for the overall financial health of the EFSC in respect to Planning, Tracking and Reporting.


Current Secretary: Michelle Casorso

The Secretary is responsible to ensure in conjunction with the President that there is an agenda for all Board and General Meetings, and that the proceedings of all meetings are documented in minutes.


Current Registrar: Jennifer Russell

The Registrar is responsible for registration and documenting and maintaining the membership of the club.

Member at Large

Current Members at Large: Kerry Williamson, Olivia Weaver Pilip, Sara Bard(Merchandise), Jocelyn Harris

Members at Large participate in all Board and General meetings of EFSC. EFSC has Members at large that develop the team website, purchase and sell merchandise and clothing and run social media accounts.

Head Coach

Current Head Coach: Emilie Brown

The Head coach is responsible for Program Planning and Management, Coach Coordination, Coaching athletes and Dryland Training. Any coaching feedback should be communicated through the Head Coach.