At this age there are two different programs for athletes:
The Can Free TEAM:
This program will provide tools to build a year-round training programs for athletes to improve their fitness, mental preparation, foundation skills and competitive readiness.
Increased training hours are needed at this stage to develop each athlete’s long-term potential but more importantly, this will give them the fundamentals needed to perform more difficult technical skills safely. Athletes will focus on more advance mogul and slopestyle techniques. 
Train to Compete Team:
EFSC’s Train-to-Compete (TTC) Team aims at providing competitive athletes with more formal training opportunities to best prepare for competition and excel at a provincial level. While the TTC Team will be based out of Sunridge, it will require athlete’s to train and/or compete outside of their home hill on a roughly bi-weekly basis. In addition to on snow training, the TTC Team includes pre-season dryland training opportunities to further prepare the athletes for the upcoming season to be as competitive as possible with the rest of the competitive field.
*coach discretion may qualify an athlete that is too young or disqualify an applicant who meets the minimum age criteria, Athletes are required to apply if interested in the TTC team to the Head Coach.

Athletes that wish to compete can do so at club competition or provincial level

*All athletes require a CFSA membership in addition to club registration*

**Lift Tickets/Passes are not included in the program fees**

AGES: 12 Plus


Athletes are able to navigate mogul terrain while performing more advanced tricks off of jumps.


Athletes hit more advance features and larger jumps while performing more advance tricks off of both.

All Mountain

Athletes are able to ski all terrains on the mountain, some performing more advance tricks off of natural features.

Registration is CLOSED FOR THE 2021/2022 Season