This is grass roots entry level program for young athletes to learn the basics of freestyle skiing in a fun safe environment. This is also where your athlete will encounter other athletes with the same interests as there in this fun and exciting sport. There is no better site than seeing your athlete and their crew of little rippers come into the chalet with smiles on their faces telling you of all the fun they had on the hill. They will build friendships that will last a lifetime.

The goal of the FUNdamentalz(formally known as Jumps and Bumps) program is for the young athlete to learn all the basic freestyle skiing skills. The athlete will learn jumping skills and simple tricks like grabs, twisters, spreads, 180s, 360s, etc. They will work in the terrain park to learn terrain park etiquette, how to navigate and make route selection in the park according to personal abilities, and how to approach a box and a rail. In the moguls, the athletes will learn how to pick a good line, how to effectively absorb the bumps and how to control their speed. When an athlete graduates from this program, they will be ready to enroll in the Freestylerz program, the next stage in the freestyle progression

At the end of the day the goal is to ensure that each and every athlete goes home with a smile on their face and has learned a skill that will stay with them throughout their childhood and adult lives.

Athletes that wish to compete can do so at the club competition level

*All athletes require a CFSA membership in addition to club registration*

**Lift Tickets/Passes are not included in the program fees**

AGES: 6 Plus


An introduction to the mogul course, athletes will go through numerous drills to be able to navigate the moguls in a confident manner


Introduction to the terrain park including: Jumps, Boxes and Rails. Athletes will develop the basic freestyle skill set.

All Mountain

Athletes will be given the opportunities to learn and develop their all around ski skills, which are necessary for navigating runs on their own.

Registration is OPEN for the 2022/2023 Season